E-Waste in Bhutan

My country, Bhutan, with a population of 753,980 people, our country is covered with forest more than 60%.

Wangdhiphodrang, Bhutan

Wangdhiphodrang, Bhutan

And rubbish has be always a big issue as people dump around their houses. People do not take it seriously, and with the new trend of technology emerging in our country, it is much concern to the environment. People they tend to throw their electronics as it get damage. In a small country like Bhutan and barely a population of taxi’s in Bangkok, we don’t have all the facilities we need to repairs these electronics. So people also have limited ideas whether it can be fixed or not. A good numbers of electronics are often end up as trash because of very small problems that could easily be fixed.


It is already the fastest growing component of solid waste in many developed countries, because of the tendency to upgrade mobile phones, computers and televisions, more frequently. And are replaced most often, therefore cause the biggest problems. These electronics waste do not decompose and which have an hazardous impact both on our health and the environment.


The issues are being tackled by the youths as Government have set up a policy about every school in Bhutan to take a day and clean their respective provinces. Students, they clean, make a awareness, gather volunteers and many activities in order to keep their province clean.

Kuenselphodrang-park-cleaning Memelakha bhutan(2)

The good thing is that such a problem is only beginning to emerge and policy makers are already thinking of putting in a place something before it grows out of proportion. With E-waste emerging in our country, authorities do take necessary actions and we are grateful that we get all cooperation from volunteers in order help reduce e-waste.

And on 11th November, 2014 I have donated my multi-charger which i have bought from 7/11. I had this charger for a long time and i have never used it. The only time I used was  when I didn’t have charger and I believe that is once at the time when I bought it. I paid 199 baht and I felt it was a waste of me buying it, but when I heard about this donation champagne I thought I can donate my charger which will at least benefit others.




In SC0503

Norbu Dradhul

BIS 2180 Sec.401

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Back to LOBESA

It was 12th May, I started my journey from Thimphu at 6am to Lobesa. Due to the road construction at Dochula I had to move early in morning.
After reaching there at Mesina at 8am, my friend they didn’t reach there to get me so I head to a Resturant and had a breakfast. When I finished eating breakfast they still didn’t reach there.

It was almost 1 hour that I have reach there at Mesina. So I went to Tashi Tenzin house since it was near.

He was surprised that I reach there early. He woke and he just chatted with each other.

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Jiligang The Cat Mountain trip

It was a peaceful morning we started at 8am.

It was at Punakha were we started our journey. We all were very excited to reach to jijlegang(cat peak) and started our journey from changyell, near Punakha Dzong.


Ah! After walking for half and hours, I feel very tired to walk, I tried my best to reach at lhakhang and at that moment we all were joking each other and in the mean time Tashi Tenzin, Yogesh and Tashi Dorjee were debating like opposition leader.


On the way we saw a beautiful scene that we ever seen before, we hold on for a minute to capture the beauty scene. And started continue our journey……

Wow! We all reached to half way to Lhakhang and rested on that place, had had some drinks and Jung-food.
The place was very beautiful and awesome, it’s like football field.


Finally we reached to lhakhang, the place was very beautiful. We all were very restless. But we were very excited to listen the story of jijlegang and went inside the Lhakhang.


I came to knew every thing about the place and history of Jijlegang, because of “Kay Nagy”(the explainer). Tho he was old, he help us to know all about the place and meaning of jijlegang. We knew all the meaning of things that are kept inside and outside the lhakhang.


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Busy weekends

We travelled to Paro right after eating lunch from Thimphu. As we got out from the door, we got to work straight away. The weather was cool, just perfect to use our full strength. We plugged out some unwanted weeds surrounding the house. I didn’t feel that much tired as I had lot of strengths stored in from the lazy weekdays from Thimphu.
We resumed our work since it was getting dark. The next day, a sound of someone digging waked me up. I pulled my back up to see through the window. I saw dad working already from my half open eyes. I looked at the time and well it was 7.30am in the morning. I quickly got up, made tea and joined dad outside. I continued yesterday’s work. The only difference was the weather. I longed for the cool weather but unfortunately I was stuck working under scorching sun. Well, nothing is easy in life I suppose and we got to work to achieve.
I then watered the flowers. The soil was as dry as you could find in the desert. Having watered made my thirst satisfied and it was indeed beautiful seeing those flowers getting a life.

We rest for a while and ate lunch. Then we made a shed to store in the firewoods. After some time the weather suddenly dropped and it started to rain. The water droplets were huge, none that I had ever seen before but it stopped soon.


Finally the work completed and I took off for shower. I was so tired that I was even feeling sleepy.We drank tea and took rest for a while.

We then put the things in the car and got ready to leave. I drove the car till Thimphu. My sleepiness hadn’t worn out so I had trouble while driving. Luckily, we reached home safe and sound. It was already dark. Mum had prepared dinner so we ate after settling down and now I’m comfortably lying on my bed about sign off from this blog.


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Mega Again

So after my accounts exam I was finally relief.

I went to ABAC to catch a mega’s van. Went in mega van at 1pm and reach at mega at 1.45pm.
I saw my friend with some girls. They were inviting me to watch movie with them. A horror movie I couldn’t deny, so we went to buy tickets. Movie was after 2 hours.

So we did some shoppings. I thought I should buy footsal shoe for my cousin and my friend. First we went to SPORT WORLD and bought both the shoe from their.


After my friends friend, we went with her as she wanted to buy a new cloths so she could wear something for her modeling




We did some photo shoots. I told her that I am interested to make movies. Then she told me to take some shoots of her. She was very confident girl. I told her I will try and as you can see a photo of her as above.

After her shopping it was almost for the movie. We went to watch movie. To watch for a horror movie, it was a very long wait to see the action begin. Not that scary but it has good story theme. But the girls were scared, I could see them they were hiding their face whenever something uncertain is going to happen.

Movie finish around 8pm and after that we went back.
As there is my last exam tomorrow I told my friend whether he wants to study for BUSINESS LAW II, he said alright and we decided to study at Queen Sheeba which is the girls dormitory at Abac. There they have study room which stay up to 2 am in the morning.

We went there and started to study at around 9 pm. But actually we didn’t, we were talking about amines continuously and we checked the time it was already 12 midnight. So we decided we will study seriously. We sturdy the company’s chapter which is the longest one. We finished easily with discussion and helping each other’s with doubts. It was 2 am of 16th May, the day of exam. I went back to apartment and slept. Only two chapters left which is 15 pages long, I thought I will wake up around 9 am and study for it as my exam starts on 1 pm.

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On May 11th

AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Today 14th May I just finish my accounts exam, very tough. But at least it ease my mind. So far i have been practicing accounts for whole day. From Yesterday i didn’t sleep at all. Nerve was wrecking me but once i was in exam room i was calm and manage to finish properly.

Before this i would like to reflect what i did in past few days. On May 11th which was right after my sister birthday me and UD went to city. We have decided to buy phone for our family member. We went there to buy a mobile phone. Both of us we bought the mobile phone. He bought Samsung Galaxy S4 for his sister and iPhone 5s for my mother or either a sister. Whoever they want to us.
Not only we bought a phones but also some gifts for for our families. I was surprised when he bought a big helicopter which it can fly up to 50 meters. It is solid and looks damn good as well


It was lucky that on May 11th his father came and gave us some money that was enough to do shopping.
So after everything was done we went back to apartment.







And of course while going to our apartment we went by taxi.


There is a whole bunch of things in this bag. ITS A GOLD

May 13th woke up early and study accounts.

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May 16th

The last day of exam and also one my friends uncle called that morning saying that come and get the money. I told my friend already that if he wants to buy a TV, send the money before 16th.
Even tho it was alright, I did my exam and right after that I went to get his money. Even to get the money, I had to go to his place and get the money which it went around 400 baht for traveling expenses.

The funny part was when I reached there my friend did not send enough money to buy the TV. He have only send 12500 baht but the actual price for TV was 12990 baht. I even send him the picture with the price. The fact he didn’t consider is that I had to use my own pocket money for traveling expenses and I went to that shop countless time.
So I asked his uncle to give me extra 500 baht with polite manner and that is also for his TV since it was not enough to buy the TV. Instead of giving he said “I don’t know them”. My friend clearly said that he was his uncle. And then he was pretending to call someone. I was really frustrated that moment as if I didn’t plan that day. So me and cousin went directly to Mega Bangna as we planned to watch movie with friends. We had planned as it was our last day of our exam and we wouldn’t meet each other for another 3 months as our holiday is for 3 months. So we took a taxi and paid 550 baht. I paid that money from my friends money which he have send me only 12500 baht. I had to do that because me and my cousin had plan the expenses thoroughly. I just couldn’t sacrifice that day for him. I told him many times and he never listen. I told him that please send the money before 16th of May but he gives me money on 16th.
After reaching mega, our friends was already there waiting. We were late, an hour late so we postpone to watch the movie at 9pm.
While waiting for the movie, we went to the pizza company and had two pizza.

After the pizza we went to watch movie

the amazing Spider-Man 2

OMG!!! It was really good movie, they have execute graphic really good and after the movie we went back to apartment and slept.
And forgot to mention but there was also so e Bhutanese people at mega watching movie at same time as us. They were watching Godzilla, they were saying it was really good movie. So I’m planning to watch next time.

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