My Songkran Holiday and IT

This year my Songkran holiday I have stayed at Assumption University only and trained for my stamina. Since I play badminton, I have always lacked on stamina so before the Songkran holiday started I have made planned what to do during Songkran holiday. Usually we only have three days of holiday but some of the classes were cancelled and including weekends, luckily for me I had 10 days of holiday.

First day of holiday, Monday, 11th April,2016, I woke at 9 am and went for jogging at the university. I jogged for one hour and after that I did some series of badminton drills. Around 12 pm I took a break for 1 hour, I replenish my energy; had small snack and got ready for next phrase. After my lunch, I continued with my training, on the court I did series sprint so that this would help me improve reflex as well as my stamina. Then I continued with badminton drills so that not only I work for my stamina but also to keep in touch with my playing habit.

The temperature keeps getting hotter and inside badminton court I felt like it was a greenhouse. It was getting hotter and hotter to train inside but again it was perfect time to work on my stamina. If I endure and keep on working on my training eventually it will paid off at the end so I continued training. I went with sprinting again but this time I was sprinting back and front taking 1-2 minute of rest each round. At round 4 pm the temperature was cooling off and people started to come in, I started to pack my stuff and practiced my jump smash. After 30 min I stop and head back to the apartment took a shower, cleaned myself and relax.

Basically, this was my daily Songkran holiday routine, I did not go anywhere as I have set my goal; what I wanted to do during the Songkran holiday; which was to improve my stamina.

On the last day of Songkran holiday, me and my brother we went to Mega bang na and bought a Sony SRS X55 speaker. The speaker is not particularly big but it is very loud and gives a very good quality sound. It was good decision buying it as we always catch movies with the projector and now have speaker which is loud enough for us to hear sound of the movies.Sony SRS-X55-1.1000x563

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