My Daily Life Cycle

This is my daily life cycle every since I come to Thailand. My daily activities has been more or less same. And following are my daily life cycle.

Every morning, my wake up time is around 11.30 am as most of my classes start from 12. I get ready quickly and go to university and my classes finish at 4.30 pm. Thats’ it for my university.

After the university, I come back to my apartment and get change, and around 6 pm I get ready to go back to university sport center. As I play badminton and keep a healthy life cycle. I play up to 8.30 pm and then go to AU mall to have some dinner.

After the dinner, I go back to my apartment immediately and take a shower. The time will be around 10.30 pm. So after I get clean and settle myself, I spent around 1-2 hours reviewing, doing assignments or getting ready for tomorrow. And after that I usually end up watching some movies and let my eyes close it-self.




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