My last three mobile phones

I have used iPhone 5s as it had better features at that time. The camera as at top of the game and with the improvement on iphone 5, many customers were attracted to buy the new iphone 5s. Especially for those who are using instagram, facebook, Snapchat and so on a lot, iPhone 5s provided with easier access of use. I phone is know for not having many complicated features, iphone keep the settings simple so that users can change it easily and quickly. During the use of iphone 5s, I can say that it was definitely useful, I could easily access what I needed and there was no big fuss. And of all the features I like the finger lock screen, it was really fast and it could response fast.


The second phone I got was Samsung galaxy S5, it is a Android phone and I’m a kind of person who would use Android. So this phone provided with really great features and I like to play with the features. One of the features I like was gestures, for example I could just wave my hand over the phone and it will change it to other photos while I’m looking at the current photos. The other feature it had was water resistance, I have visited songkran and took many photos while playing with water and my phone was perfectly fine.
Likewise there are many which I enjoy using galaxy S5.


The last one was Asus ZenFone 2, it is also Android but this phone is cheaper than the two phones mentioned above.
So I bought the Asus phone as I wanted to see how good does it perform in low budget phones. Overall I’m satisfied with this phone, it has its uniqueness which is you can double tap on the screen when it is black and it will turn on the phone. You can also write some letters on the screen when it is black and it will take you to the desire application, this features is like shortcut menu, for example I can write letter ‘c’ on the screen and it will take me to the camera application instantly. Other feature which is, it will stop those applications automatically which we don’t use at all, as most of the smartphone nowadays runs application in background automatically. This causes the phone to slow down and also drain battery fast.
By using ASUS phone thus the performance of the phone is fast and also prolong the life of the batter.


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