My SWOT and IT

One of the software I use the most is video editing software. It is my one of interest and I try do lots of experiment with it.cyberlink_pdr_ee00_rpu0_00_powerdirector_14_ultra_1186888.jpg

Cyberlink Power Director is the software I use to edit videos and learning this software has definitely help me out with my productivity, I can now know how to arrange my video’s properly while editing, I know how to put different transactions to video and so on.

Through this software some of the Strength and Opportunity I receive is that, I can collaborate with social media’s such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and others to share my videos. Through this it will encourage me to upload more and also can I learn new things with this software as this software has many contents to learn about.

This software also give me in-depth to how movie’s industries work so that in future I can present this skill in my resume and work for them.

One of the weaknesses and threats is that some features are not include in the software. For example, if I were find special effects to put in video I have to download another software which supports this software and there is not many software’s which support Cyberlink Power Director as it is not for professional use. And I buy all those software’s to link with Cyberlink Power Director it will certainly increase my expenditures and especially for amateur like me it is not worth spending a lot of money as I would use it for my recreational activities only.


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