My IT plan B

One of the gadget I use the most is MY PHONE. It is my daily use for different purpose so i consider my phone very important and I had to backup my phone if I were to lose my phone. So I downloaded CM security application which helps to locate your phone, it works both on Android and IOS.


All I have to do is install this “CM Security application” and activate “Find Phone” from the option. Therefore, if I were to miss place my phone or if someone has stolen it, I can go to “” and remotely locate my phone or I can even lock my phone.

There are other features such as protecting against viruses, cleaning up the unwanted files, boosting up the phone when it is running slow, even cooling down the phone when it gets hot and so on. This application is highly recommended and it will enhance the performance of your phone.

Second one, is the external hard disk. I use it to keep important documents, as previously I had experience of losing my important works just by saving in the computer. Before I use to only save the work in the computer only and one day I was unfortunate to be a victim of
Buffalo-MiniStation-External-Harddisk-USB-3.0-Review-012.jpgTrojan virus, it corrupted my computer. I couldn’t retrieve any of my documents and some of them were very important. From that day on words I bought external hard disk (500 GB) where I only save important documents and it is portable, I can take it anywhere and when time of need of document I can just pug in any computer and get the documents. At the same time when I save documents to external hard disk,I make sure to keep copy in the computer as well so that I can access from the computer immediately.


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