How my family manages intangible assets?

So what are the things my family manages intangible assets? Well not particularly especial but just manage those of average family. As my parents are not particularly familiar with technology, they do not rely much on sophisticated technologies.

Some of the things they do manage are like internet banking, Wechat (social media application) and emails.

My parents, one thing they use often is internet banking. It is convenient for them as they can transfer money to me without going to the bank. Or they can pay loans so that my parents do not have to go to bank and wait in line for a long time. So my parents, implementing this internet banking has helped them a lot.

Other thing is Wechat application, it is similar to LINE application. Most people they use this application to send voice messages and so does my family. They use this application to send voice messages to me or to their friends. By doing so my parents still maintain good relationships with those who are not near.

Lastly email, as my parents work in government service they have to deal with many people and sometime it requires them to send documents to everyone who they have met. So instead of going to them directly, they sends soft copies of documents via email. Which save them a lot of time and they can continue with other work. Email has become important part of their life as they use often mainly to send important documents.

So this are three important intangible assets my family manages.

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