My New Year Holiday and Information Technology

Just before the new year, me and my friends we went to Pattaya beach and celebrated the new year. It was a simple year new this time.


AT Pattaya beach, lighting up our wish.

The next morning, new day, new year, we went to Koh larn Island and explore many beaches. The island itself was a town.We could we many houses and people wondering around. Not only that there were many businesses going as well. You can say the beaches at Koh larn island was far more better than Pattaya’s beach, it was cleaner and the beach water was clear.


In boat, on the way to Koh Larn beach.

The new morning, we head back to ABAC and on the way we found many interesting place. As just before the new year we traveled at night and couldn’t see anything at night. So we went to this places we missed before. It was truly entertaining.

The first place was the Tiger zoo were there was a lot of tigers. We were amaze with the amount of tigers they had. We spend it in the zoo around 2 hours and we continued our journey.


And the next place we found was khao kheow open zoo. It was defiantly big a big zoo. We got the opportunity to observe many different wild animals. The zoo was really big that we had to hire the kart to go around the zoo, there was no way we could finish checking everything just by walking. You could say they almost had it all.


The Map of the zoo



As we reach back to our apartment, my friend show me how to make time lapse video. I wanted to learn for so long and frankly it was really easy. I couldn’t believe that I didn’t take a time to research myself. Non the less, we stay whole night awake despite being tired and in morning around 6 am we started to do time lapse.

Enjoy the video.


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