E-Waste in Bhutan

My country, Bhutan, with a population of 753,980 people, our country is covered with forest more than 60%.

Wangdhiphodrang, Bhutan

Wangdhiphodrang, Bhutan

And rubbish has be always a big issue as people dump around their houses. People do not take it seriously, and with the new trend of technology emerging in our country, it is much concern to the environment. People they tend to throw their electronics as it get damage. In a small country like Bhutan and barely a population of taxi’s in Bangkok, we don’t have all the facilities we need to repairs these electronics. So people also have limited ideas whether it can be fixed or not. A good numbers of electronics are often end up as trash because of very small problems that could easily be fixed.


It is already the fastest growing component of solid waste in many developed countries, because of the tendency to upgrade mobile phones, computers and televisions, more frequently. And are replaced most often, therefore cause the biggest problems. These electronics waste do not decompose and which have an hazardous impact both on our health and the environment.


The issues are being tackled by the youths as Government have set up a policy about every school in Bhutan to take a day and clean their respective provinces. Students, they clean, make a awareness, gather volunteers and many activities in order to keep their province clean.

Kuenselphodrang-park-cleaning Memelakha bhutan(2)

The good thing is that such a problem is only beginning to emerge and policy makers are already thinking of putting in a place something before it grows out of proportion. With E-waste emerging in our country, authorities do take necessary actions and we are grateful that we get all cooperation from volunteers in order help reduce e-waste.

And on 11th November, 2014 I have donated my multi-charger which i have bought from 7/11. I had this charger for a long time and i have never used it. The only time I used was  when I didn’t have charger and I believe that is once at the time when I bought it. I paid 199 baht and I felt it was a waste of me buying it, but when I heard about this donation champagne I thought I can donate my charger which will at least benefit others.




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Norbu Dradhul

BIS 2180 Sec.401

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