Jiligang The Cat Mountain trip

It was a peaceful morning we started at 8am.

It was at Punakha were we started our journey. We all were very excited to reach to jijlegang(cat peak) and started our journey from changyell, near Punakha Dzong.


Ah! After walking for half and hours, I feel very tired to walk, I tried my best to reach at lhakhang and at that moment we all were joking each other and in the mean time Tashi Tenzin, Yogesh and Tashi Dorjee were debating like opposition leader.


On the way we saw a beautiful scene that we ever seen before, we hold on for a minute to capture the beauty scene. And started continue our journey……

Wow! We all reached to half way to Lhakhang and rested on that place, had had some drinks and Jung-food.
The place was very beautiful and awesome, it’s like football field.


Finally we reached to lhakhang, the place was very beautiful. We all were very restless. But we were very excited to listen the story of jijlegang and went inside the Lhakhang.


I came to knew every thing about the place and history of Jijlegang, because of “Kay Nagy”(the explainer). Tho he was old, he help us to know all about the place and meaning of jijlegang. We knew all the meaning of things that are kept inside and outside the lhakhang.


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