Busy weekends

We travelled to Paro right after eating lunch from Thimphu. As we got out from the door, we got to work straight away. The weather was cool, just perfect to use our full strength. We plugged out some unwanted weeds surrounding the house. I didn’t feel that much tired as I had lot of strengths stored in from the lazy weekdays from Thimphu.
We resumed our work since it was getting dark. The next day, a sound of someone digging waked me up. I pulled my back up to see through the window. I saw dad working already from my half open eyes. I looked at the time and well it was 7.30am in the morning. I quickly got up, made tea and joined dad outside. I continued yesterday’s work. The only difference was the weather. I longed for the cool weather but unfortunately I was stuck working under scorching sun. Well, nothing is easy in life I suppose and we got to work to achieve.
I then watered the flowers. The soil was as dry as you could find in the desert. Having watered made my thirst satisfied and it was indeed beautiful seeing those flowers getting a life.

We rest for a while and ate lunch. Then we made a shed to store in the firewoods. After some time the weather suddenly dropped and it started to rain. The water droplets were huge, none that I had ever seen before but it stopped soon.


Finally the work completed and I took off for shower. I was so tired that I was even feeling sleepy.We drank tea and took rest for a while.

We then put the things in the car and got ready to leave. I drove the car till Thimphu. My sleepiness hadn’t worn out so I had trouble while driving. Luckily, we reached home safe and sound. It was already dark. Mum had prepared dinner so we ate after settling down and now I’m comfortably lying on my bed about sign off from this blog.


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