On May 11th

AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Today 14th May I just finish my accounts exam, very tough. But at least it ease my mind. So far i have been practicing accounts for whole day. From Yesterday i didn’t sleep at all. Nerve was wrecking me but once i was in exam room i was calm and manage to finish properly.

Before this i would like to reflect what i did in past few days. On May 11th which was right after my sister birthday me and UD went to city. We have decided to buy phone for our family member. We went there to buy a mobile phone. Both of us we bought the mobile phone. He bought Samsung Galaxy S4 for his sister and iPhone 5s for my mother or either a sister. Whoever they want to us.
Not only we bought a phones but also some gifts for for our families. I was surprised when he bought a big helicopter which it can fly up to 50 meters. It is solid and looks damn good as well


It was lucky that on May 11th his father came and gave us some money that was enough to do shopping.
So after everything was done we went back to apartment.







And of course while going to our apartment we went by taxi.


There is a whole bunch of things in this bag. ITS A GOLD

May 13th woke up early and study accounts.

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