Mega Again

So after my accounts exam I was finally relief.

I went to ABAC to catch a mega’s van. Went in mega van at 1pm and reach at mega at 1.45pm.
I saw my friend with some girls. They were inviting me to watch movie with them. A horror movie I couldn’t deny, so we went to buy tickets. Movie was after 2 hours.

So we did some shoppings. I thought I should buy footsal shoe for my cousin and my friend. First we went to SPORT WORLD and bought both the shoe from their.


After my friends friend, we went with her as she wanted to buy a new cloths so she could wear something for her modeling




We did some photo shoots. I told her that I am interested to make movies. Then she told me to take some shoots of her. She was very confident girl. I told her I will try and as you can see a photo of her as above.

After her shopping it was almost for the movie. We went to watch movie. To watch for a horror movie, it was a very long wait to see the action begin. Not that scary but it has good story theme. But the girls were scared, I could see them they were hiding their face whenever something uncertain is going to happen.

Movie finish around 8pm and after that we went back.
As there is my last exam tomorrow I told my friend whether he wants to study for BUSINESS LAW II, he said alright and we decided to study at Queen Sheeba which is the girls dormitory at Abac. There they have study room which stay up to 2 am in the morning.

We went there and started to study at around 9 pm. But actually we didn’t, we were talking about amines continuously and we checked the time it was already 12 midnight. So we decided we will study seriously. We sturdy the company’s chapter which is the longest one. We finished easily with discussion and helping each other’s with doubts. It was 2 am of 16th May, the day of exam. I went back to apartment and slept. Only two chapters left which is 15 pages long, I thought I will wake up around 9 am and study for it as my exam starts on 1 pm.

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