May 16th

The last day of exam and also one my friends uncle called that morning saying that come and get the money. I told my friend already that if he wants to buy a TV, send the money before 16th.
Even tho it was alright, I did my exam and right after that I went to get his money. Even to get the money, I had to go to his place and get the money which it went around 400 baht for traveling expenses.

The funny part was when I reached there my friend did not send enough money to buy the TV. He have only send 12500 baht but the actual price for TV was 12990 baht. I even send him the picture with the price. The fact he didn’t consider is that I had to use my own pocket money for traveling expenses and I went to that shop countless time.
So I asked his uncle to give me extra 500 baht with polite manner and that is also for his TV since it was not enough to buy the TV. Instead of giving he said “I don’t know them”. My friend clearly said that he was his uncle. And then he was pretending to call someone. I was really frustrated that moment as if I didn’t plan that day. So me and cousin went directly to Mega Bangna as we planned to watch movie with friends. We had planned as it was our last day of our exam and we wouldn’t meet each other for another 3 months as our holiday is for 3 months. So we took a taxi and paid 550 baht. I paid that money from my friends money which he have send me only 12500 baht. I had to do that because me and my cousin had plan the expenses thoroughly. I just couldn’t sacrifice that day for him. I told him many times and he never listen. I told him that please send the money before 16th of May but he gives me money on 16th.
After reaching mega, our friends was already there waiting. We were late, an hour late so we postpone to watch the movie at 9pm.
While waiting for the movie, we went to the pizza company and had two pizza.

After the pizza we went to watch movie

the amazing Spider-Man 2

OMG!!! It was really good movie, they have execute graphic really good and after the movie we went back to apartment and slept.
And forgot to mention but there was also so e Bhutanese people at mega watching movie at same time as us. They were watching Godzilla, they were saying it was really good movie. So I’m planning to watch next time.

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