I remember this court use to be full of nobs and I didn’t felt like playing.

So I went to swimming pool. I did couple of swim and then did a steam only.

After that came back and checked out the badminton court. There were couple of people. I grab my stuff from the snooker room and went to play.
Since there was no one I knew. I first warm up and practiced myself; like foot works, jump smash and service practice.

After around one half hour Noel, Simon and his brother came. We first played double and after that me and Simon played a single.
This time he was playing terrible or maybe I’m playing better since my hamstring injury is recovering. I can feel now I am able to move fast and my stamina is coming back.
So I played with him, first game I won with 21-14 and during second game he was losing badly that he wanted to quite. Still gave some encouragement and he played till the last point. (21-4)
So had won the match and he was looking exhausted. Then we played double, I could see that he was tried as he was not receiving simple shots.

At 8pm UD came and he went to have dinner. At the Resturant I didn’t order anything as I was full drinking water while playing badminton. So I just had splash.


And today I got a haircut at Hi-Life. He have to make appointment before coming there. She doesn’t just cut hair anytime, so morning I call her and said that I be there at 4pm. She was free that time and I also though how good would she be.
After finishing cutting my hair, she did it very nicely and I was satisfied with the cut. The best thing was she could speak English. She is from Vietnam.


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