Upload Day!!!

Today Bangkok haven’t smiled. Its a gloomy and cloudy day. It feels like Bangkok is crying. Whole day without a sunlight and feels like someone has died.

It seems Bangkok summer is near. Lately this days it has been raining heavily. And we ever there is rain our apartment lights goes off.

It was around 3 pm UD and his friend reach apartment and we went to university. As we reach university he went to play snooker as usual and for me I went to Mega. I took a free van shuttle and reached there at 6.30pm. So first thing I reached there I went to BIG C where we get everything in good price. The reason I went there or went to mega was to check out TV. As my friend Karma from Bhutan told me to check out the TV. Last time he told me to buy 32′ inch but yesterday he told me that now he wants 40′ inch one. So that’s why I’m went to mega.

IMG_1339 IMG_1340 IMG_1341 IMG_1342 IMG_1343 IMG_1344 IMG_1345 IMG_1346 IMG_1347

I took couple of photos and send him. Later it was his mother who was talking to me. She called me through Line and we chatted for around 10 minute. She was serious about buying but the thing was she didn’t know how to send money. At first Karma told me that he will send it in my PNB account but the thing was my PNB card has now exceeded the limit to withdraw money for a year. So she thought that she will send money to someone from DrukAir. As DrukAir crew members always come to Bangkok.

As I was checking thru TV I saw two Bhutanese from ABAC. They were doing some shopping. After few minute I went outside the Big C and went to withdraw money from UDs PNB card.

I withdrew 12900 baht in total and went to van station where i could get Mega-ABAC van(which is free). When I reach there it the van was there but it was full. I saw other two Bhutanese which they were planning to go by taxi. So i pop up with them and went by taxi.

After reaching AU I went to snooker room to get UD. We then went to Au mall to have dinner. After dinner one of UDs friend in snooker room gave us a ride to our apartment.

And after reaching here he suggested that he want to upload the song which he have practiced yesterday. So i uploaded not long ago;

Please listen to our song and share it.

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