Exam Day!!! May 6th

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So today i had my first final exam. The exam i had was “Business Software Application” which zero credit.

I was not prepared at all. All i was going to do was use my general knowledge. As i reached exam hall everyone was there, i was 10 minute late and luckily invigilator let me do the exam. So i went and as i open the paper. The first question it asked was damn easy: forgot what the question was tho. Same goes to the remaining questions. A straight As for sure.

So the exam paper was divided into three parts.

  • First was 100 question of multiple choice.
  • Second was 20 question of True/False
  • Third was Matching of 20 question.

So the exam started at 9am for me started around 9.20am and finished at 10.40am. As for the exam rule it is 3 hours long which will finish at 12pm.

After that i went to AU Mall to have something. I was so hungry and in fact i didnt even sleep last night. I was feeling lazy also.

I went to AU MaLL and went to Prince Restaurant  and had a American Fried Rice.

After having lunch i went back to apartment.

So around 12.30pm i reached at NOP Place and thought that today i will not go to university to play badminton.

Just then Yonten friend of mine called and asked for my PNB card as he told me last time that his parents is going to send money and he wants my card since his card has exceeded the limit to withdraw money. So i told him that he can get from UD since i was not going to the university.

I waited from UD to reach back to apartment. Meanwhile i was browsing through internet to watch some movie. And i was on one blog recommending her choice of Korean movies. She had lots of variety of taste. One movie i liked was “SpellBound”. She even linked the movies with trailers.I was interested to watch so i Google it and it was there on watch32 website.

I started watching movie and beginning itself it was good. It has just passed 15 minute and UD reached to apartment. He said lets go to university, i didnt wanted to go at first but i changed my decision. I thought i need to practice badminton although thought of doing steam and sauna. So i went there with him and again he bought his friends car. So we went there. It surely saves a taxi fairs.

It was only 3.50pm when we reach there. So i went with him to snooker room.

While i was playing snooker with him one of a staff lady came and said i am not allowed to play since im not properly dressed. So I just went to the car to get the earphone and got back to the snooker room and slept there.

When i woke up it was 5.20pm, i got up and went to badminton court. I usually start to play from 6pm. I went there and warmed up myself.

I played badminton there until 7pm  and went to AU Mall to have a dinner.

Had a dinner and came back to apartment.

So it was 9pm and we decided that we will make song. From our room we got the stuff we needed and went down to lobby to make a song. I didnt realize that i was so tried that i fell a sleep while he was making a song. When he said he have finish he woke me up. He said it is only a draft, i listened to it and it was good some flaws but alright. We decided that we will make next time. Probably after his exam on 8th May.

With this he went to his friends house to return the car and i came up to the room, took shower and writing these blog. >.<

Please listen our first original love song; Nga Cha Lu Ga, More to come

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