Surprised May 5th Day

Woke up today at 3pm as I only slept at 6 in the morning.
So I saw Dradul just reach back to apartment and getting ready for gym.
I also got ready and we went.
As I reach lobby when I was about to call for taxi he said he have his girlfriends car. It was really surprising that she actually gave it to him. 20140505-220515.jpg

So he drove the car and we went to ABAC.

As we reach to ABAC we went to gym. He did his daily routine as for I, firstly I start with Prone leg curl which is for the hamstring of you leg or else call back of quadriceps . So I went for 10 kg as my hamstring is already injured so I didn’t want to push myself. I did 3 sets with 15 labs each.20140505-221730.jpg

After that did a leg extension which affects the quadriceps. Did a 3 set of 15 labs each.20140505-222115.jpg

And it was the end of gym for me.

Right after that I went to badminton to practice alone and lucky there was no one.

Since there was no one I practiced altos of foot sets drills. After that UD came as he finished the gym and said let’s go and have something.

I was tried and hungry. So we went to AU mall. But I drove.

We had food at our usual place and after that we went back to apartment so UD can change his cloths and play snooker. So he drove back to apartment.

After he was ready we again went back to ABAC gym and this time I drove. And forgot to mention the car was automatic very easy to drive

So we reach there at 6pm just a 10 min drive. He went to play snooker and I went to badminton court. My friends were there already. We played doubles at first. After sometime played a single with Simon. Last time he was happy that he beat me in badminton lol. I guess I didn’t take into consideration that I was injured; my hamstring.

This time I was feeling fit tho not recovered. So I played with and this time he lost, both the game. But he has improved, if I were to slag off just because of my injury he will catch up to me. GAME RESULT (21-14) (21-13)

Right after this we played doubles. I teamed up with Simon and his brother and Dumboreally don’t know his name

And at 9pm the security guard came to close the hall so we finish the game quickly with winning this game and currently we have won one and one. So we planned to play tomorrow and decide our final deciding game.

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