Mega Trip


Today went to mega bangna to fix my racquet string. I wasn’t planing to get the colorful one, actually I didn’t even knew they had the color one. So when I reached there I went to sport shop and started to search for badminton racquet string. Just when I got my choice my friend called me out of no where. He was also there to fix the racquet string. He said get the color one. I was not sure what he meant. He further explained that it’s the Thai brand which is good as yonex string. So I checked it out and saw it was pretty amazing so I told the guy who fix string to put the colorful one. When it was finish it was looking great. I told myself

If you want to play, Play with style


but while the shop keeper guy was fixing my racquet string I went to other sport shop to check out the futsal shoe for my cousin. At “go sport” shop I saw many futsal shoe I couldn’t decide which to buy so I took the pictures of those shoe, total of 8 shoes. Then later at night I send it to my cousin so he could decide.









after checking the shoe I went to eat something, KFC

After the food went back to the shop where my racquet was there and it was finish. So i hurried because I have match with the Don(the Siri Lanka guy). I paid for the racquet string and bought one shuttle. Total cost was 740 baht. 270 baht for the string and 470 for the shuttleRSL BRAND

I took mega banana free van and reached there at ABAC badminton court at 7pm. He was there waiting. I changed myself and was about to play but there was many people. He said that we won’t able to play today. As he said himself that he only play 1 game and he was there from 5pm.

So I changed myself so as he. He went back to apartment but I went to AU mall to have dinner.


Had a chicken steak with fry rice and fried egg.

After the dinner went to back to apartment


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