My Songkran Holiday and IT

This year my Songkran holiday I have stayed at Assumption University only and trained for my stamina. Since I play badminton, I have always lacked on stamina so before the Songkran holiday started I have made planned what to do during Songkran holiday. Usually we only have three days of holiday but some of the classes were cancelled and including weekends, luckily for me I had 10 days of holiday.

First day of holiday, Monday, 11th April,2016, I woke at 9 am and went for jogging at the university. I jogged for one hour and after that I did some series of badminton drills. Around 12 pm I took a break for 1 hour, I replenish my energy; had small snack and got ready for next phrase. After my lunch, I continued with my training, on the court I did series sprint so that this would help me improve reflex as well as my stamina. Then I continued with badminton drills so that not only I work for my stamina but also to keep in touch with my playing habit.

The temperature keeps getting hotter and inside badminton court I felt like it was a greenhouse. It was getting hotter and hotter to train inside but again it was perfect time to work on my stamina. If I endure and keep on working on my training eventually it will paid off at the end so I continued training. I went with sprinting again but this time I was sprinting back and front taking 1-2 minute of rest each round. At round 4 pm the temperature was cooling off and people started to come in, I started to pack my stuff and practiced my jump smash. After 30 min I stop and head back to the apartment took a shower, cleaned myself and relax.

Basically, this was my daily Songkran holiday routine, I did not go anywhere as I have set my goal; what I wanted to do during the Songkran holiday; which was to improve my stamina.

On the last day of Songkran holiday, me and my brother we went to Mega bang na and bought a Sony SRS X55 speaker. The speaker is not particularly big but it is very loud and gives a very good quality sound. It was good decision buying it as we always catch movies with the projector and now have speaker which is loud enough for us to hear sound of the movies.Sony SRS-X55-1.1000x563

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My Daily Life Cycle

This is my daily life cycle every since I come to Thailand. My daily activities has been more or less same. And following are my daily life cycle.

Every morning, my wake up time is around 11.30 am as most of my classes start from 12. I get ready quickly and go to university and my classes finish at 4.30 pm. Thats’ it for my university.

After the university, I come back to my apartment and get change, and around 6 pm I get ready to go back to university sport center. As I play badminton and keep a healthy life cycle. I play up to 8.30 pm and then go to AU mall to have some dinner.

After the dinner, I go back to my apartment immediately and take a shower. The time will be around 10.30 pm. So after I get clean and settle myself, I spent around 1-2 hours reviewing, doing assignments or getting ready for tomorrow. And after that I usually end up watching some movies and let my eyes close it-self.




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My last three mobile phones

I have used iPhone 5s as it had better features at that time. The camera as at top of the game and with the improvement on iphone 5, many customers were attracted to buy the new iphone 5s. Especially for those who are using instagram, facebook, Snapchat and so on a lot, iPhone 5s provided with easier access of use. I phone is know for not having many complicated features, iphone keep the settings simple so that users can change it easily and quickly. During the use of iphone 5s, I can say that it was definitely useful, I could easily access what I needed and there was no big fuss. And of all the features I like the finger lock screen, it was really fast and it could response fast.


The second phone I got was Samsung galaxy S5, it is a Android phone and I’m a kind of person who would use Android. So this phone provided with really great features and I like to play with the features. One of the features I like was gestures, for example I could just wave my hand over the phone and it will change it to other photos while I’m looking at the current photos. The other feature it had was water resistance, I have visited songkran and took many photos while playing with water and my phone was perfectly fine.
Likewise there are many which I enjoy using galaxy S5.


The last one was Asus ZenFone 2, it is also Android but this phone is cheaper than the two phones mentioned above.
So I bought the Asus phone as I wanted to see how good does it perform in low budget phones. Overall I’m satisfied with this phone, it has its uniqueness which is you can double tap on the screen when it is black and it will turn on the phone. You can also write some letters on the screen when it is black and it will take you to the desire application, this features is like shortcut menu, for example I can write letter ‘c’ on the screen and it will take me to the camera application instantly. Other feature which is, it will stop those applications automatically which we don’t use at all, as most of the smartphone nowadays runs application in background automatically. This causes the phone to slow down and also drain battery fast.
By using ASUS phone thus the performance of the phone is fast and also prolong the life of the batter.


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My SWOT and IT

One of the software I use the most is video editing software. It is my one of interest and I try do lots of experiment with it.cyberlink_pdr_ee00_rpu0_00_powerdirector_14_ultra_1186888.jpg

Cyberlink Power Director is the software I use to edit videos and learning this software has definitely help me out with my productivity, I can now know how to arrange my video’s properly while editing, I know how to put different transactions to video and so on.

Through this software some of the Strength and Opportunity I receive is that, I can collaborate with social media’s such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and others to share my videos. Through this it will encourage me to upload more and also can I learn new things with this software as this software has many contents to learn about.

This software also give me in-depth to how movie’s industries work so that in future I can present this skill in my resume and work for them.

One of the weaknesses and threats is that some features are not include in the software. For example, if I were find special effects to put in video I have to download another software which supports this software and there is not many software’s which support Cyberlink Power Director as it is not for professional use. And I buy all those software’s to link with Cyberlink Power Director it will certainly increase my expenditures and especially for amateur like me it is not worth spending a lot of money as I would use it for my recreational activities only.


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My IT plan B

One of the gadget I use the most is MY PHONE. It is my daily use for different purpose so i consider my phone very important and I had to backup my phone if I were to lose my phone. So I downloaded CM security application which helps to locate your phone, it works both on Android and IOS.


All I have to do is install this “CM Security application” and activate “Find Phone” from the option. Therefore, if I were to miss place my phone or if someone has stolen it, I can go to “” and remotely locate my phone or I can even lock my phone.

There are other features such as protecting against viruses, cleaning up the unwanted files, boosting up the phone when it is running slow, even cooling down the phone when it gets hot and so on. This application is highly recommended and it will enhance the performance of your phone.

Second one, is the external hard disk. I use it to keep important documents, as previously I had experience of losing my important works just by saving in the computer. Before I use to only save the work in the computer only and one day I was unfortunate to be a victim of
Buffalo-MiniStation-External-Harddisk-USB-3.0-Review-012.jpgTrojan virus, it corrupted my computer. I couldn’t retrieve any of my documents and some of them were very important. From that day on words I bought external hard disk (500 GB) where I only save important documents and it is portable, I can take it anywhere and when time of need of document I can just pug in any computer and get the documents. At the same time when I save documents to external hard disk,I make sure to keep copy in the computer as well so that I can access from the computer immediately.


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How my family manages intangible assets?

So what are the things my family manages intangible assets? Well not particularly especial but just manage those of average family. As my parents are not particularly familiar with technology, they do not rely much on sophisticated technologies.

Some of the things they do manage are like internet banking, Wechat (social media application) and emails.

My parents, one thing they use often is internet banking. It is convenient for them as they can transfer money to me without going to the bank. Or they can pay loans so that my parents do not have to go to bank and wait in line for a long time. So my parents, implementing this internet banking has helped them a lot.

Other thing is Wechat application, it is similar to LINE application. Most people they use this application to send voice messages and so does my family. They use this application to send voice messages to me or to their friends. By doing so my parents still maintain good relationships with those who are not near.

Lastly email, as my parents work in government service they have to deal with many people and sometime it requires them to send documents to everyone who they have met. So instead of going to them directly, they sends soft copies of documents via email. Which save them a lot of time and they can continue with other work. Email has become important part of their life as they use often mainly to send important documents.

So this are three important intangible assets my family manages.

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My New Year Holiday and Information Technology

Just before the new year, me and my friends we went to Pattaya beach and celebrated the new year. It was a simple year new this time.


AT Pattaya beach, lighting up our wish.

The next morning, new day, new year, we went to Koh larn Island and explore many beaches. The island itself was a town.We could we many houses and people wondering around. Not only that there were many businesses going as well. You can say the beaches at Koh larn island was far more better than Pattaya’s beach, it was cleaner and the beach water was clear.


In boat, on the way to Koh Larn beach.

The new morning, we head back to ABAC and on the way we found many interesting place. As just before the new year we traveled at night and couldn’t see anything at night. So we went to this places we missed before. It was truly entertaining.

The first place was the Tiger zoo were there was a lot of tigers. We were amaze with the amount of tigers they had. We spend it in the zoo around 2 hours and we continued our journey.


And the next place we found was khao kheow open zoo. It was defiantly big a big zoo. We got the opportunity to observe many different wild animals. The zoo was really big that we had to hire the kart to go around the zoo, there was no way we could finish checking everything just by walking. You could say they almost had it all.


The Map of the zoo



As we reach back to our apartment, my friend show me how to make time lapse video. I wanted to learn for so long and frankly it was really easy. I couldn’t believe that I didn’t take a time to research myself. Non the less, we stay whole night awake despite being tired and in morning around 6 am we started to do time lapse.

Enjoy the video.


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